• Accrelist achieved profit before tax of S$0.9 million (EBITDA S$5.7 million) as compared to a loss before tax of S$0.4 million (EBITDA S$3 million) in FY2018.
  • Jubilee’s profit before tax soared to S$3.5 million (EBITDA S$4.7 million) from S$0.9 million (EBITDA S$2.7 million) in FY2018.
  • Accrelist completed the acquisition of Refresh Laser Clinic group of companies on 1 October 2018 and the companies are now known as Accrelist Medical Aesthetics group of companies. This acquisition brought about a net profit before tax of S$1.1 million for FY2019.
  • Accrelist subsidiary, Jubilee completed the acquisition of Honfoong Plastic Industries Pte Ltd on 31 July 2018. This acquisition increased the total number of machines to 118, allowing for greater loading.
  • Terence Tea identified new area of growth for Accrelist – Fintech
  • Jubilee made a turnaround in FY2018 with a net profit of $0.9 million
  • Accrelist A.I. Tech obtained Remittance Licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Accrelist A.I. Tech launched its own mobile payment services on WeChat Pay platform
  • Accrelist announced plans to acquire Refresh Laser Clinic group of companies.


  • Completed the conversion of the US$16 million loan into shares of Jubilee and consequently increased its stake in Jubilee.
  • Accrelist provided an aggregate of US$16 million in convertible loan and direct loan to Jubilee to fund its acquisition of WE Components Pte. Ltd. and for working capital needs
  • The Company, formerly known as WE Holdings Ltd., was renamed as Accrelist Ltd.


  • The Group posted a revenue of US$4.8 million

31 March 2015

  • Its working capital is stated at US$19.5 million

31 January 2015

  • the disposal of the WE Components Group

Promising SME500 2015


  • The Group repaid a total of US$12.3 million in bank borrowings, strengthening the position of the Group to pursue its commodities businesses.

18 June 2013

  • The Group has cleared the debt of $7.49 million under a loan facility dated 2 June 2010 via proceeds of a share placement, thereby strengthening our balance sheet for the financial year of 2014 and beyond.



June 2011

  • The holding and subsidiary companies were rename

May 2011

  • Established Taiwan office in Taipei

June 2010

  • RTO of Plexus Components Private Limited was completed

  • Record Revenue crosses S$410 million mark
  • Record Net Profit after Tax at S$7.5 million>
  • Record Highest Total Dividend at 2.1 cents per ordinary share
  • Successful Share Placement of S$6.7 million net proceeds
  • Secured US$30 million term loan for business expansion
  • Successful acquisition of Microchip distribution rights
  • Secured distribution and service rights of Flexstar Technology Inc

  • Revenue crosses S$330.2 million mark
  • Record Net Profit after Tax at S$6.1 million
  • Record Highest Total Dividend of 1.9 cents per ordinary share
  • Set up Representative Office in India
  • Divestment of 50% stake WesTech Electronics India Pvt Ltd
  • Revenue crosses S$200 million mark
  • Appointment as international procurement office for
    high definition LCD panels from world renowned manufacturers
  • Divestment of 55% stake in Pacific Wave Pte Ltd
  • Divestment of 55% stake in WesCal Korea Ltd
  • Acquisition of 51% shareholding in Pacific Wave Pte Ltd
  • Divestment of subsidiary, WesTech Industries Pte Ltd
  • Distribution agreement signed with Texas-based WebOffice Inc. covering 10 Asia Pacific countries

  • Distribution agreement signed with Sharp Electronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd. covering six Asian countries.
  • Distribution agreement signed with Powerwave Technologies Inc. covering the Asia Pacific region.
  • Incorporation of subsidiary, WesCal Electronic Trading (Shanghai) Pte Ltd in the People’s Republic of China.
  • Acquisition of subsidiary, HK Team Technologies Limited in Hong Kong.
  • Initial Public Listing on the Singapore Exchange.
  • Representative office, WesTech Shenzhen, set up in the People’s Republic of China, to manage expansion into North Asia.
  • Incorporation of subsidiary, WesCal Hong Kong.
  • Awarded Enterprise 50 award jointly organised by Accenture and The Business Times and supported by the Economic Development Board.
  • ACAL Plc. becomes a strategic investor.
  • Incorporation of subsidiary, WesCal Malaysia.
  • Incorporation of WesTech Electronics.