• Operating under Accrelist A.I. Tech, we intend to use mobile payment applications technology to move into unmanned shops and the retail industry. We offer an end-to-end solution by providing in-house manufactured smart hardware, integrating technology with traditional businesses such as the tech sector, finance industry and other brick & mortar businesses.
  • The payment process enables consumers to use Tencent’s mobile pay app WeChat Pay to buy items from the unmanned store, which adopts a “grab-and-go” technology, eliminating traditional checkout counters altogether. The technology offered by Accrelist A.I. Tech reflects the emerging store concept of the future, opening up opportunities for Accrelist to bring this concept to more businesses when opportunities become available.
  • We have formalised merchant agreements with Long Beach Seafood Restaurant, Sim Lim Square, Old Hong Kong Tea House and China Commodity Market (538 Geylang Road) to offer Accrelist-owned point-of-sale terminals at their outlets using Tencent’s WeChat Pay.
  • Accrelist A.I. Tech collects a processing fee for payments made by consumers via WeChat Pay at its partner merchants. As part of Accrelist A.I. Tech’s initiatives, it had earlier set up an Apps team and begun production of the point-of-sale terminals for its electronic payment system. Accrelist A.I. Tech also holds a remittance license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
  • On the hardware front, Accrelist A.I. Tech not only offers point-of-sales terminals, but also meal-ordering terminals, back-end kitchen inventory management systems, hotel delivery robots and multi-tasking robots that are manufactured in-house.
  • Going forward, we have committed to the setting up of mobile infrastructure to support the mobile payment business, acquire of hardware manufacturers to complement our business as well as to establish Big Data that is related to mobile payment and its related applications. 
  • We are steadfast in our vision of becoming a Fintech player in Singapore’s relentless push to transform into a cashless society, henceforth using Singapore as a base to make inroads into the ASEAN market.

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